Friendly visits

Friendly visits are organized on a weekly basis to chat, play cards or scrabble depending on the preferences of both beneficiary and volunteer or to make a few errands. We estimate a duration of about three hours for each weekly visit.

Friendly visits can bring great satisfaction to volunteers as well as recipients.

Here is a fascinating story that a volunteer experienced with one of our beneficiaries that she had been visiting for 3 years:

The Department of Modern Architecture in Quebec and Elsewhere at UQAM, whose mission is to promote the knowledge and appreciation of innovative 20th century architecture, contacted our recipient, Mr. Louis Lapierre, because he played a crucial role in the production of modern architecture by creating 40 works during his years of practice. UQAM selected 12 of his works for heritage, which is huge, and asked for his biography and historical notes.

As he was 91 years old, it was a long term work, so our volunteer Andrée proposed him to write and do the research. The two of them worked closely together on this project.

She said that writing this biography gave her great joy and a sense of accomplishment. It was a joy to attend the book launch after two years of research and to see the pride in the faces of Mr. Lapierre and our volunteer Andrée.